Compendium of Evaluation Methods Reviewed (Volume 1)

Compendum of Evaluation Methods Reviewed_Dec2020.pdf (5203 KB / English)


Choosing appropriate approaches and methods are pre-requisites for credible, independent and useful evaluation exercises in the United Nations. The Compendium of Evaluation Methods Reviewed is a guidance document resulting from discussions among members of the UNEG Working Group on Evaluation Methods on seven evaluation methods.

  1. Methods Supporting Evaluation Design: Evaluability Assessment, Theory Of Change And Storyline Approaches  
  2. Synthesis And Meta-Analysis    
  3. Contribution Analysis    
  4. Qualitative Comparative Analysis    
  5. Randomised Controlled Trials And Quasi-Experimental Designs    
  6. Outcome Harvesting/Outcome Evidencing    
  7. Culturally Responsive Evaluation    

The Compendium presents examples of interesting UN evaluation practices to a wider audience, with an additional focus on the underlying principles that led evaluation managers to choose the method they did. Conceived as the first in a series of written resources, the document will be updated as the work of the group continues.

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  • Dec 2020


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