Midterm Review of the United Nations Evaluation Group Strategy 2014-2019

Final Report Midterm Review of UNEG Strategy 23May 2018.pdf (769 KB / English)

Midterm Review UNEG Strategy 2014-2019 Annexes A-I May 14 2018.pdf (2466 KB / English)

Midterm Review UNEG Strategy 2014-2019 ANNEX J Detailed Findings 3rd May 2018.pdf (635 KB / English)

Midterm Review of the 2014 UNEG Strategy ANNEX K Inception Report 15 May 2018.pdf (1499 KB / English)


Four documents are available here: the assessment report and its annexes. In preparation for the next UNEG strategy commencing in 2020, the MTR seeks to explore whether UNEG is doing the right things, and doing things right, particularly given the agreement of Agenda 2030 / Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. Results of the review are expected to help UNEG identify what adjustments would be needed to the current strategy and inform the design of the next UNEG Strategy 2020-2025.

More specifically the objectives of the Mid-term review are to assess:

  • The relevance of the current strategic focus areas and approaches in the rapidly changing development context and environment;
  • UNEG’s progress and achievement towards its goals;
  • UNEG’s use of financial resources; and
  • UNEG’s internal governance, management and operational structure.

The review methodology involved document analysis, quantitative analysis (secondary data from other surveys – 2017 OIOS capacity survey, UNEG financial data), network analysis, interviews with over 70 key informants (of which 40% were identified as stakeholders or evaluation users), a survey of 108 UNEG members (68% response rate, including 75% of UNEG Heads or 35/47), survey of UNEG members who were neither UNEG Heads nor interest/working group members (n-28), survey of evaluation community outside of UN (n-32), SWOT analysis involving 52% of UNEG organizations (24/47), and benchmarking of UNEG against 6 networks (OECD-DAC EvalNet; ALNAP; UNRIAS; ECG; IOCE and EvalPartners). The methodology builds and replicates some of the instruments used in the 2013

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