Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation Officer

16 May 2022


Under the overall direction of the Head, IOEO and immediate supervision of the Senior Internal Oversight Officer, the incumbent will lead evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit activities in accordance with the United Nations Evaluation Group norms and standards and the Institute of the Internal Auditors’ International Professional Practices Framework where relevant, as part of the team dealing with internal oversight functions that cover internal audit, evaluation, investigation and ethics.

Main duties and responsibilities of the incumbent are as follows:

1. Plan, conduct or manage, and report on evaluations and/or joint evaluation-audit that are impartial, independent and credible and that meet relevant professional standards: 

  • Determine objectives, plan scope and approaches of evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit;
  • Carry out evaluations and/or joint evaluation-audits of projects, programmes, functions, activities and policies;
  • Supervise evaluations and/or joint evaluation-audits conducted by staff members and consultants;
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative data and carry out comprehensive analysis including corroboration and validation;
  • Report on the result of evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit;
  • Keep abreast of developments in the area of evaluation and internal audit;
  • Cooperate with other United Nations system evaluation offices and professional evaluation bodies on inter-agency matters. 

2. Promote evaluations and/or joint evaluation-audit results that are useful, and ensure that evaluation findings and recommendations are followed up: 

  • Report to management on evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit findings and recommendations;
  • Organize meetings, workshops and other discussion forums in order to establish a dialogue on evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit results, recommendations and lessons learned;
  • Ensure that project and programme managers respond to the recommendations and monitor the follow-up on evaluations and joint evaluation-audit;
  • Analyse and report on the status of implementation of evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit recommendations.

3. Promote the evaluation and/or joint evaluation-audit functions in the Organization as a tool for learning and accountability: 

  • Provide training on evaluation, joint evaluation-audit, monitoring and results-based management in IMO;
  • Provide advice, information and guidance to management and project/programme managers on monitoring and evaluation;
  • Lead the development and review of evaluation-related policies, guidance, systems, procedures and tools.

4. Enhance effective integration of evaluation functions in the internal oversight: 

  • Enhance integration of evaluation methodologies with adjacent areas of professional practices such as monitoring and internal audit through technical research and policy development;
  • Adopt the most efficient oversight methodologies for all engagements responsible, while ensuring the compliance with relevant norms and standards

5. Effectively deploy human and financial resources for engagements:

  • Prepare budgets for individual evaluations and/or joint evaluation-audits; 
  • Manage the effective and efficient use of human and financial resources; 
  • Select evaluation consultants based on requirements;
  • Supervise evaluation consultants and staff.


Full details available on the IOM website. Application deadline 9 June.