Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation Officer, P3

21 Apr 2022


This position is located in the Inspection and Evaluation Division (IED) of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) in New York. The Evaluation Officer will report to the Chief of Section and to the Director of OIOS-IED.

The Office of Internal Oversight Services is an independent office reporting to the Secretary-General and to the General Assembly. The Inspection and Evaluation Division focuses on the conduct of independent inspections and evaluations on behalf of the Secretary-General and the Member States. IED evaluations and inspections are meant to assist intergovernmental bodies and programme managers in assessing the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of Secretariat programmes. In accordance with its mandate, set forth in General Assembly resolution A/RES/48/218 B (and later resolutions A/RES/54/244 and A/RES/59/272), the role of IED is to help assure the accountability of Secretariat programmes for attaining their mandates, while in the process foster institutional learning and improvement through reflection by programmes and Member States on performance and results.


The Evaluation Officers will be responsible for the following duties:

• Conduct inspections and evaluations of the Secretariat programmes and crosscutting topics by: (a) undertaking preliminary research of programme data, United Nations documents, reports, and other available information, and conducting analyses of existing programme data for consideration in the inspection and evaluation design; (b) developing the inspection and/or evaluation design, including drafting parts of the terms of reference, contributing to the formulation of the inspection or evaluation issues and questions, and developing the project methodology; (c) contributing to data collection and analysis, including conducting interviews, running focus groups, conducting surveys, participating in direct observation, and conducting document reviews; (d) drafting the inspection or evaluation report, including formulating inspection or evaluation findings and recommendations, and providing supporting evidence for the report

• Participate in the follow up to inspection and evaluation assignments by: (a) tracking inspection and evaluation recommendations through OIOS Issue Track; (b) participating in reviewing the results of projects; reviewing relevant documents and reports; identifying problems and issues to be addressed and recommending corrective actions; liaising with relevant parties; identifying and tracking follow-up actions

• Provide support to the Division to strengthen efficiency and effectiveness of the inspection and evaluation functions by: (a) participating in Divisional work groups on work processes and structures; (b) monitoring inspection and evaluation recommendations in Issue Track; (c) taking on additional Division-wide tasks as assigned, such as administrative, human resource, and/or substantive work tasks; (d) undertaking evaluation outreach functions; assisting in developing and conducting training workshops, seminars, etc., to support evaluation, programme monitoring and management review exercises done by other departments; making presentations on assigned topics/activities; providing substantive support to consultative and other meetings, conferences, etc.; (e) assisting in preparing the relevant parts of the biennial report to the Committee for Programme and Coordination and to the General Assembly on strengthening the role of evaluation

• Participate in Organizational activities related to the inspection and evaluation functions by: (a) participating in the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) task forces, by being an active member in the development of task force outputs for presentation to UNEG Heads at the UNEG Annual General Meeting; (b) providing support to self-evaluation and programme inspections, including reviewing and commenting on evaluation terms of reference and data-collection instruments, offering methodological guidance and advice, and reviewing and commenting on programme-generated inspection and evaluation reports.

Full details available on the UN Careers website. Application deadline 3 June.