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Norms, Standards and Guidance

Norms & Standards

Standards for Evaluation in the UN System
These standards build upon the Norms for Evaluation for the UN system. They are drawn from best practice of UNEG members. They are intended to guide the establishment of the institutional framework, management of the evaluation function, conduct and use of evaluations.
Date:2005/04   Updated:23 Feb 2012Downloads: 51044 Download   92KB  
Tags: Approaches and Methods, Articles and papers, Norms and Standards, Professionalisation

Norms for Evaluation in the UN System
The norms seek to facilitate system-wide collaboration on evaluation by ensuring that evaluation entities within the UN follow agreed-upon basic principles. They provide a reference for strengthening, professionalizing and improving the quality of evaluation in all entities of the United Nations system.
Date:2005/04   Updated:23 Feb 2012Downloads: 48431 Download   40KB  
Tags: Approaches and Methods, Articles and papers, Normative, Professionalisation


Impact Evaluation Guidance Document
This Guidance Note, used in conjunction with many other recent resources on impact evaluation, provides a sound starting point for UN evaluation bodies wishing to commence conducting impact evaluations.
Date:2013/08   Updated:23 Oct 2013Downloads: 1771 Download   1051KB  
Tags: Impact

UNEG Guidance on Preparing Management Responses to UNDAF Evaluations
Date:2013/07Downloads: 1019 Download   496KB  
Tags: Joint, UNDAF, UNEG Secretariat

UNEG Guidance on Preparing Terms of Reference for UNDAF Evaluations
Date:2013/07Downloads: 1170 Download   766KB  
Tags: Joint, UNEG Secretariat

Good Practice Guidelines for Follow up to Evaluations
Endorsed at the UNEG AGM 2010, these Good Practice Guidelines are expected to contribute to better use of evaluation and to improve accountability and organizational learning.
Date:2013/07Downloads: 1336 Download   625KB  
Tags: UNEG Secretariat

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