UNEG - United Nations Evaluation Group

The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) is a professional network that brings together the units responsible for evaluation in the UN system including the specialized agencies, funds, programmes and affiliated organisations. UNEG currently has 43 such members and 3 observers. More

UNEG aims to strengthen the objectivity, effectiveness and visibility of the evaluation function across the UN system and to advocate the importance of evaluation for learning, decision making and accountability. UNEG provides a forum for members to establish common norms and standards for evaluation; develop methodologies addressing UN concerns; strengthen evaluation functions through peer review and information exchange and establish partnerships with the wider evaluation community.

UNEG has an elected Chair and vice-Chair, and is supported by an Executive Coordinator and the UNEG Secretariat. UNEG's governance and ways of working are outlined in the UNEG Principles of Working Together (adopted in 2007 and last revised in 2012).

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