UN-SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator Preparation for Reporting Cycle 2015


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9-10am (EST), 8 October 2015

UNEG Working Group on Gender Equality & Human Rights will organize a webinar for UNEG colleagues on "UN-SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator: Preparation for Reporting Cycle 2015."

The webinar will introduce the mandatory reporting process and explain how to implement the UNEG Scorecard. A New Evaluation Performance Indicators (EPI) Peer Learning Exchange Guidance will also be launched. UNEG members are also encouraged to share their experiences reporting against the EPI, including challenges and good practice.

This webinar is part of the webinar series of the UNEG Working Group on Gender Equality & Human Rights. Please click here to see a previous webinar on "UN SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicator UNEG Member Results for 2014."

Event Details

Lead Organization

  • UNEG Working Group on Gender Equality & Human Rights


  • Webcast/Webinar


  • North America / United States of America

Start Date

  • 08 Oct 2015

End Date

  • 08 Oct 2015

Contact Person

  • Sabrina Evangelista
  • sabrina.evangelista@unwomen.org